How to Stop Horses Rubbing on Fences

Horse Rubbing Against a Fence

Although horse rubbing can be a common occurrence, it may need some proper attention if there’s an underlying health or skin problem. If it’s just a case of some casual rubbing on the fence, then you’ll probably want a solution to protect both your horse and the fence from damage. This rubbing can wear a … Read more

How to Calm A Horse in A Stable

Anxious Horse in a Stable

As a horse lover, you know that all equines have innately gentle spirits. They’re even ranked as the friendliest animals. However, horses don’t always get to run around and embrace their docile nature in the great outdoors. Sometimes, you must keep them in a stable to encourage rest or help them recover from an injury. … Read more

How to Keep Horse Water Cool 

Horse Drinking Water on Hot Day

The summer is fast approaching, and like any good horse owner, you’re probably concerned about keeping your horses cool throughout the upcoming months. It’s a given to keep your horse hydrated and with cool, fresh water. But as the weather gets hotter and hotter, how do you prevent the water from becoming lukewarm without constantly … Read more

How to Keep Livestock Water from Freezing Without Electricity

Frozen Livestock Water Trough

No matter the temperatures outside, livestock need plenty of water to be healthy. However, in the winter, the water in tanks and troughs tends to freeze, particularly overnight.  Some farmers resign themselves to refilling water for their livestock multiple times a day with warm water from the house, but this is extremely labor-intensive. Others use … Read more

How to Keep A Barn Warm in Winter

Barn in Winter for Animals

Heat is the number one thing on most farmers’ minds when they enter their barn during the winter. Not only is a heated barn necessary for the wellbeing of your animals, but it also makes doing barn chores in cold weather more pleasant. There are several ways to make barns warmer during winter, from improving … Read more

How to Wash A Horse (Complete Guide)

Washing a Horse

It’s important to keep your horse clean and well groomed. Dried sweat left on a horse can lead to skin irritations. If a horse is dirty or dusty, they may try to rub, which can damage the hairs of the mane and tail. How often you give a horse a full wash depends on a … Read more

How to Keep Horses From Wasting Hay

Horse Not Wasting Hay to Eat

Hay can be one of the most expensive purchases that a farmer needs to make. The tendency that many horses have to waste hay does not help matters. Plenty of horses waste their hay by trampling it into the ground, getting it messy, then refusing to eat it. Hay waste can seriously eat into a … Read more

How to Protect Livestock from Lightning

Lightning Near Livestock

We’re all aware that you can’t prevent lightning, but you can however, take effective measures to prevent your livestock from being struck by it. Depending on the cattle you purchase, it can cost anywhere from $500 all the way up to $3000 per animal, which is certainly an investment you want to protect and save … Read more

How to Keep Mice Out of Farm Equipment

Mouse in Farm Barn

Mice can cause thousands of dollars in damage and ruin farm equipment if they get into it, particularly during winter storage. They can chew through all kinds of machinery and create a complete mess of a tractor cabin and other valuable farming equipment. For many farmers and ranchers, particularly those in cooler climates, the fight … Read more

How To Keep Horses Cool In Hot Weather

Keeping Horses Cool in the Heat

Horses suffer in the heat just as people do. Hot weather causes discomfort and can lead to heatstroke, sunburn and dehydration. All horses need to be protected from heat, but animals with darker colored coats, foals, and older or unfit animals are more vulnerable. Horses with Cushing’s syndrome may also suffer greater ill effects due … Read more